Do you have what it takes to conquer our Aerial Trekking course?

Traverse a series of suspended obstacles and challenges high up in an elevated course that will test your balance, agility, and courage.

Our course begins at a comfortable height, gradually ascending as you swoop, scale and balance your way through an exhilarating circuit.

For thrillseekers, take your challenge up a level into our advanced Aerial Trekking zone with aerial obstacles including ropes, swinging logs, net bridges, and ziplines that increase in difficulty.

Our qualified guides will securely connect you to the safety harness system and will be on hand to ensure your safety and provide guidance when needed.

Quick Overview

  • Zone Quarry’s Edge
  • Duration Up to 60 mins plus brief
  • Height 1.3m+ (4.2ft)
  • Age 8+
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