Experience a sky-high thrill with a breathtaking view on our Giant Swing!

Our Giant Swing promises not only an adrenaline-pumping experience but also the most epic view of the quarry below.

With 8 available seats, you can choose to take on this exhilarating ride solo or share the skyward journey with friends or family.

You’ll be hoisted above the ground and released over the edge of the quarry’s cliff. Prepare for an electrifying pendulum swing that provides an instant thrill.

While the towering height and exhilarating speed of the giant swing may appear intimidating, our expert instructors are dedicated to guaranteeing an adventure that's both thrilling and safe.

Quick Overview

  • Zone Quarry’s Edge
  • Duration 30 to 60 mins plus brief
  • Height 1.3m+ (4.2ft)
  • Age 6+
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