An exciting game that’s a big hit with kids and adults alike.

Frisbee/Footgolf is a unique spin on golf, replacing the ball and clubs with a frisbee or football.

Your objective? To skillfully throw the disc or kick the ball from the tee to the specially designed basket 'hole' in as few throws or kicks as possible. It's an engaging way to explore the beautiful surroundings on our beautiful course.

Combining precision and competitive fun, you’ll have the challenge of navigating trees, shrubs, and varying terrain, providing obstacles that test your skill. Whether it's sinking a long putt or encountering a tree midway down the fairway, the joys and frustrations of traditional golf translate seamlessly into Frisbee/Footgolf.

Quick Overview

  • Zone Westport Estate
  • Duration 30 Mins
  • Height N/A
  • Age 5+
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