Take a trip on the lake at Westport Estate on our iconic Swan Pedalos.

With our famous Swan Pedal Boats, you’ll have the opportunity to get out on the water with your friends, family or partner for a prime view of the Estate.

Designed to resemble graceful swans, our Swan Pedalos are easy to operate - If you know how to ride a bike, you’ll be an expert captain of our pedal boats.

Prior to setting off, decide on the roles - drivers in the front, passengers in the back.Seating comfortably, the drivers begin pedalling, allowing the boat to move forward and backward. Steering is controlled by turning a steering wheel.

This will all be explained by our instructors to ensure a safe experience — an approved life vest is provided for all participants. These boats are almost impossible to capsize, which makes them a great choice for beginners, families or groups.

Quick Info

  • Zone Westport Estate
  • Duration 15 mins
  • Height N/A
  • Age 1+



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