Behind The Scenes at Westport Adventure

Check out Mayo's newest outdoor adventure park this summer at Westport Adventure.

As the anticipation builds towards the grand opening of Westport Adventure, there’s a flurry of excitement buzzing around as we prepare to unveil Mayo’s newest outdoor adventure park on May 3rd!

Here’s a sneak peak

Instructor Training

As we push ahead with park developments, our fantastic team of instructors has been hard at work training on a host of exhilarating new activities, including Aerial Trekking, Climbing Zone, and Zip Lines!

Many of our amazing new activities involve harnesses, heights and hard-hats, and our expert team will be on hand to ensure your safety and provide guidance when needed.

Meet Our Adventure Manager

When it comes to job titles, Adventure Manager ranks among the coolest, and when it comes to adventure, Liz takes the crown.

She’s our go-to expert for all things Westport Adventure and is here to ignite your excitement for our latest thrill – the Giant Swing!

Meet Our Head of Adventure Training

And let’s not forget Carl – our Head of Adventure Training! He’s busy training our new instructors on all our brand new activities – here’s his top three favourite activities.

Ready to take on Ireland's largest Net Park at Westport Adventure?
Ready to take on Ireland’s largest Net Park at Westport Adventure?

Ireland’s Largest Net Park

Did you know that Westport Adventure will be home to the largest Net Park in Ireland? But what exactly is a Net Park?

Picture this: A sprawling playground spanning the treetops and cliff edges of our mighty 300-year-old quarry. Our incredible Net Park offers an expansive canvas for your aerial adventure.

Challenge your agility and skills while you explore and traverse through a network of tunnels, aerial bridges, aerial tree houses, giant bounce zones, spiral nets and more.

Net Parks are the perfect blend of physical activity and fun.
Net Parks are the perfect blend of physical activity and fun. Visit Ireland’s largest Net Park at Westport Adventure, Mayo.

Stay Up To Date

The countdown has officially begun! Stay tuned on our Instagram for more thrilling updates as we prepare to launch Westport Adventure.

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Westport Adventure will open Friday, May 3rd!