A fusion of flavours!

Discover our Asian Food Truck, a vibrant addition to Westport Adventure! Our food truck offers a blend of traditional Asian flavors with contemporary twists. With fresh ingredients and culinary creativity, we present a diverse menu of dishes from across Asia.

About Our ASian Food Truck

Signature Creations

Discover the diverse and vibrant tastes of Asia at our food truck. Savour authentic dishes crafted with passion, from spicy Korean Kimchi to sizzling Chinese Gyoza, prepared fresh for you.


Authentically Asian

Spice up your day with our new food truck, serving a delicious array of Asian dishes. Enjoy the perfect blend of tradition and innovation with specialities like Katsu Chicken, and crispy Onion Bhaji. Below is a just a few of our most popular dishes.

Crispy Onion Bhaji

Savour the crispy delight of our Indian-inspired Onion Bhaji, perfectly paired with a refreshing coriander chutney, transporting your taste buds straight to the heart of India.

nuda fish popcorn westport estate food court

Thai Spiced Fish with Lemongrass

Wait until you try our Thai Spiced Fish Panko Crumbed Fish Pieces with a little Lemongrass, Coconut & Chilli and of course a side of skin on fries. Try something different today!

spicy chicken wings westport estate

The Spice Bag!

Come and try our twist on Ireland’s newest favourite – The Spice Bag. Crispy Chicken Wings, Spice Bag Seasoning, Chilli, Onion & Coriander!